How to Lift for Maximum Hypertrophy

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Sure, training methods (clusters, rest/pause, stato-dynamic sets, etc.) and advanced loading schemes like wave loading, pyramids and the likes are cool and exciting to read about. But if you don’t perform your repetitions optimally you will not get optimal results from them.

Growing muscle all starts with the performance of each repetition. After all, methods and loading schemes are merely a way to organize reps. And if all of those reps are suboptimal, even the best schemes will wield inferior results.

If you want to learn how to perform your reps for maximum muscle growth, download this free resource, now!

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15 min Get Stronger Whole body


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Maximize Muscle Growth

Better understand hypertrophy to maximize muscle growth.

Progression analysis

Use the Correct Phases

Find out how to execute each rep when your goal is maximal growth.

Improve your training program

Improve your Training Program

Blend in more hypertrophy exercices to your program to focus more on strength gains.


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